Introducing Yauheni Lukmanau: The Guiding Force of Reactor IT

Today, we shine a spotlight on Yauheni Lukmanau, the CEO and visionary leader behind Reactor IT.

With a Master's Degree in Management, Yauheni embarked on a decade-long journey in the banking sector. His expertise in working with large corporate clients laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial vision.

As the founder of Reactor IT, Yauheni brought together the reliability of traditional banking and the innovation of fintech. His leadership has been instrumental in establishing Reactor IT as a provider of secure and technologically advanced payment solutions.

His mantra, “Leading with purpose, innovating for impact,” reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. He envisions Reactor IT continuously pushing the boundaries in payment solutions, revolutionizing the financial industry.

Outside the office, Yauheni stays active as an avid CrossFit enthusiast and draws creativity from his love for art. His varied interests contribute to his holistic approach to leadership.

Yauheni’s dedication to building strong client relationships has earned him accolades in client management, which he brings to Reactor IT, making the company not just a service provider, but a true partner to its clients.

Yauheni Lukmanau’s visionary leadership continues to drive Reactor IT towards redefining the financial landscape with innovative solutions.

Introducing Aleksei Androsov: The Technical Maestro Behind Reactor IT

Today, we are excited to introduce you to the mastermind behind Reactor IT's technological innovation, our Chief Technology Officer, Aleksei Androsov.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Aleksei embarked on a career in technology that saw him work with various banks and fintech companies. This diverse experience honed his skills and brought a unique depth to his approach to technology in the financial sector.

At Reactor IT, Aleksei is the technical brain of the company. His expertise in software development and his vision for technological innovation have been fundamental in building and evolving Reactor IT's technological infrastructure.

A visionary, Aleksei believes in harnessing technology as a catalyst for progress. “Driving innovation with code, creating impact with technology,” reflects his philosophy. His vision is for Reactor IT to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the fintech industry.

Beyond technology, Aleksei is an avid reader and takes a keen interest in global technological trends and the role of technology in societal development.

Recognized for driving innovation in software development, Aleksei’s contributions have been instrumental in setting new standards of technical excellence in the industry.

Aleksei Androsov’s expertise and innovative spirit continue to shape Reactor IT as a leader in fintech solutions.

Introducing Mikhail Novichkov: The Marketing Maestro of Reactor IT

Meet the dynamic force behind Reactor IT's marketing endeavors, our Chief Marketing Officer, Mikhail Novichkov.

With a Master's Degree in Marketing, Mikhail set forth on a career path that took him through various banks and insurance companies. This diverse background has endowed him with an astute understanding of the financial market and consumer behavior.

As the CMO of Reactor IT, Mikhail is the epitome of sociability and creativity. His intuitive understanding of marketing trends and consumer needs has been instrumental in crafting marketing strategies that resonate with Reactor IT's target audience.

Mikhail believes that marketing is the voice of innovation. “Amplifying innovation through strategic storytelling,” is his marketing mantra. His vision for Reactor IT is to build a brand that is synonymous with reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Outside of marketing, Mikhail is an avid traveler and an enthusiastic vlogger. His global adventures bring a worldly perspective to his work, making his marketing campaigns rich and relatable.

A respected figure in the marketing realm, Mikhail has been lauded for his innovative campaigns and his ability to forge lasting relationships with clients and partners.

Mikhail Novichkov’s creative genius and marketing acumen are vital in steering Reactor IT to new horizons in the fintech industry.

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